The Fatal Mistake That Doomed Samsung’s Galaxy Note

On the verge of challenging Apple’s mobile phone dominance, the South Korean company made a rushed decision, based on incomplete evidence, that later forced it to kill the model.

The X-ray and CT scans showed a pronounced bulge.

After reports of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire spread in early September, Samsung Electronics Co. executives debated how to respond. Some were skeptical the incidents amounted to much, according to people familiar with the meetings, but others thought the company needed to act decisively.

A laboratory report said scans of some faulty devices showed a protrusion in Note 7 batteries supplied by Samsung SDI Co., a company affiliate, while phones with batteries from another supplier didn’t.

It wasn’t a definitive answer, and there was no explanation for the bulges. But with consumers complaining and telecom operators demanding answers, newly appointed mobile chief D.J. Koh felt the company knew enough to recall 2.5 million phones. His suggestion was backed by Samsung’s third-generation heir apparent, Lee Jae-yong, who has advocated for more openness at one of the world’s most opaque conglomerates.

That decision in early September—to push a sweeping recall based on what turned out to be incomplete evidence—is now coming back to haunt the company.

Two weeks after Samsung began handing out millions of new phones, with batteries from the other supplier, the company was forced to all but acknowledge that its initial diagnosis was incorrect, following a spate of new incidents, some involving supposedly safe replacement devices. With regulators raising fresh questions, Messrs. Lee and Koh decided to take the drastic step of killing the phone outright.

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Galaxy S5 mini Marshmallow update appears to be rolling out

Galaxy S5 mini owners have long been waiting for Marshmallow to arrive. The last major update it received was Android 5.1.1 Lollipop which came out in 2015 so users have been waiting for a long time to get a taste of Marshmallow. It appears that Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is now being rolled out for at least one variant of the Galaxy S5 mini.

A user on the XDA Developers forum claims that the Galaxy S5 mini duos (SM-G800H) received the Marshmallow update over-the-air yesterday afternoon in Russia. A couple of screenshots have been shared as well which show the update, software version MMB29M.G800HXXU1CPI5 being downloaded on the device, it weighs over 800MB. There have been no additional reports right now of this update being rolled out in other markets across the globe but we’ll update you when we hear more. It’s unclear right now when Marshmallow is going to be released for other variants of the Galaxy S5 mini across the globe.

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Galaxy S7 edge reportedly caught fire during charging

I’m sure that by now many of you are tired of hearing about Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire for no apparent reason, even Samsung is said to be clueless right now about what was causing its ill-fated flagship to catch fire. We’ve also seen similar reports about the Galaxy S7 edge but they have been few and far between so there’s nothing to suggest that it has a widespread battery cell issue as the Galaxy Note 7. Another case of a Galaxy S7 edge catching fire has now been reported, it’s said that this happened while the handset was being charged with an OEM charger.

The folks at PhoneArena were told about this incident by someone who works at “one of the big” carriers in the United States. The customer who actually owns this handset came into the source’s store, apparently he had received this Galaxy S7 edge just two weeks ago after returning his replacement Galaxy Note 7 unit. The owner says that this handset was being charged overnight using an OEM charger when this happened.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about something like this happening to the Galaxy S7 edge as well. One user sued Samsung last month when his Galaxy S7 edge caught fire in this pocket and left him with second and third-degree burns. We picked up on a similar report a couple of weeks ago when a woman from The Philippines said her Galaxy S7 edge started burning up when her 16-year-old daughter was using it.

There are many variables here that need to be determined first before one can say that there’s a problem with this flagship smartphone, because I’m sure that almost all users can vouch that there isn’t one. Samsung is yet to comment on this latest incident and only a formal investigation will reveal what caused this. However, since the Galaxy S7 edge has been out for more than six months now and such reports have been very rare, there’s no reason to panic right now as it will be premature to draw any parallels between this and the Galaxy Note 7.

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Samsung placing product images in Youku videos, targeting Chinese viewers

Advertising technology company Mirriad says it is working with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and China's video site Youku to market Samsung products to Chinese viewers who are gravitating toward streaming video content.

Mirriad's technology inserts products or signage, from things like a branded beverage bottle on a table to a billboard with brand imagery in the background, into streaming video content.

For instance, in the show "Ode to Joy" on Youku, as two characters emerge from an underground escalator in an urban setting, a billboard at the landing bears an ad for Samsung's Galaxy C phone. After the episode was shot and produced, the ad was inserted by Mirriad's technology over a real billboard at the setting.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd bought YouTube-like site Youku for over $4 billion to tap into an audience of millions.

Viewers are voraciously consuming online video but they are increasingly using ad-blocking software to skip ads. This has created a challenge for content distributors from news sites to online video sites such as YouTube, who are pushing hard to keep users and grow ad revenue.

"Audiences are challenged with the ad loads on various networks," Mirriad's chief executive officer Mark Popkiewicz, said.

"We're seeing a clear need here to provide a new advertising solution that is more palatable."

In addition to Samsung C series phones, the South Korean electronics maker has also begun placing images to market home appliances such as televisions and air purifiers on Youku, a spokeswoman for Mirriad said.

Samsung, which earlier this month scrapped its Note 7 phone over concerns that some were catching fire, could not be immediately reached for comment.

However, it is early days for Mirriad's technology and it remains to be seen whether this alternative way of advertising takes off with viewers and delivers results for advertisers such as Samsung.

Mirriad is backed by investors including Unilever Ventures and IP Group. In North America, it has worked with Irish whiskey maker Bushmills to place product images in Vice Media's Viceland channel.

Mirriad is in talks with U.S. brands and online video services to strike partnerships similar to the one with Samsung and Youku, Popkiewicz said without providing details.


Samsung Electronics to Exchange Galaxy Note 7 with New Galaxy S8

Samsung Electronics announced on October 21 a new compensation program for those who have purchased a Galaxy Note 7. Under this program, Samsung will allow those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge to exchange them again with a Galaxy S8, scheduled to be launched in March 2017 without paying much.

Samsung officials said, “The new compensation program is designed to make it easier for those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with existing Samsung smartphones, to shift into our next model coming in next year.”

They added, “We think this could an effective program since it also provides some incentives to smartphone vendors.”

The compensation program for the Galaxy Note 7 purchasers also strengthened the benefits of existing Galaxy Club members (monthly usage fee of 7,700 won).

The Galaxy Club is a program that allows those who purchase smartphones on a 24-month installment basis to return their used model in one year from the date of purchase and buy a new model without making the remaining installment payments.


Hefty Galaxy Note 4 update brings October patch, bug fixes and better battery life (not in NL)

The Galaxy Note 4  gets at the moment in some countries an update that fixt and improves battery life also bugs in addition to the latest security patch. In the Netherlands, the update is not yet available, but we expect him shortly here.

The Galaxy Note 4 has now been two years in the market, and therefore approaching the end of the official support period. It is therefore not surprising that Samsung has for the last 'major' update again rolling up the sleeves, and - in addition to the latest security patch from October - still optimizes quite a few other spots.

The more than 350 MB update - firmware version XXS1DPJ3,  Niv. Android Security Patch:. Oct 1 - that also brings with it yet:

optimization of the battery using
improved performance through efficient memory management
stability improvements device
bug fixes
improved features (whatever they may be)
galaxy-note-4-Oct-patch features-changelog-xxs1dpj3

Simply put, these are all improvements to ensure that you can still make it long use of your Galaxy Note 4. However, further major updates are given the update not to expect more today, even if we assume that Samsung security patches still will continue to offer a moment for the device. Finally, even the Galaxy S4 in this area still held at the time .

As mentioned, the update in a number of European countries have already rolled out at this time, and we expect him therefore soon the Dutch Galaxy Note 4 - a little patience is nevertheless still required. Of course we'll let you know when the update is also available in our country.



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