AdMob Rewarded Video Mediation - Mobile Ads Garage #8

Did you know that AdMob serves ads to more than two hundred countries and territories? To celebrate, The Mobile Ads Garage presents Episode 8 in two languages! Katie from the Mobile Ads SDK team stops by to help Andrew talk about rewarded video mediation. You'll hear the basics of how and why to use AdMob mediation and the Mobile Ads SDK to show rewarded video ads in both English and Chinese.

Rewarded video is a full-screen ad format in which users watch ads in exchange for something, typically an in-game reward. Because users hold the power of choice, they don't have to see ads they aren't interested in. Plus, publishers can build the view/reward cycle into the mechanics of their games, creating monetization strategies that actually increase user engagement. When you add all that to AdMob's ability to automatically prioritize mediated networks by eCPM, you've got a complete solution.

Samsung Gear 360: Paramotor Ride in Rio - Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of the making of a breathtaking paramotor ride shot in beautiful Rio de Janeiro on the Gear 360. A shoot of this scale takes careful preparation and several practice runs, but there’s always time for some good laughs in the process.

Samsung Gear 360: Skydiving in Rio - Behind the Scenes

Come behind the scenes of a group skydiving experience, shot on the Samsung Gear 360. See the crew plan, prepare, practice and jump toward the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Serif TV-loving people _ Hand craft artist Lee Ji Young

Handicraft workshop "pocket play 'to create a variety of props by hand. Mr. Lee Ji Young authors alone Hand Craft Show is the reason that heart embroidered TV serif warm in here?

The greater variety of information available on the SEC's newsroom. https://news.samsung.com/kr/KEVKy

Samsung releases some cool 360° videos captured with the Gear 360 camera

Samsung unveiled its Gear 360 camera earlier this year. The device enables the average user to easily create 360° VR experiences without having to spend too much money on equipment. It’s a great and easy way to create immersive content and Samsung really wants you to know that which is why it has released three cool 360° videos which showcase the capabilities of the Gear 360 camera.

The first one shows us a group of skydivers who jump out of the plane and make their way to the beautiful land of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 360° video enables us to feel like a part of that group even as we scroll around the video manually, you can watch it using the Gear VR to get a proper immersive experience. The second video showcases a paramotor ride in Rio de Janeiro and gives us a great close look at the city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The third and final video is a timelapse of South Korea which highlights the beauty of Samsung’s home country. The Gear 360 is still hard to come by in some markets but Samsung promises wider availability later this year.

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Why is Samsung spending $10 billion to buyback its own shares?

Samsung announced a share buyback program worth $9.9 billion last year. It said that the program will be implemented in stages and would be completed in one year, it will be cancelling all shares purchased in the buyback. It has completed three phases and repurchased 5.63 million common and 2.09 million preferred shares all of which have been cancelled. Samsung has now embarked on the fourth and final phase of the share buyback program which will see the company repurchasing and cancelling 990,000 common shares and 230,000 preferred shares.

Buyback programs are just some of the ways public companies can return money to shareholders. The company essentially pays them cash to purchase their equity, it can either keep the repurchased shares as treasury stock which can be reissued in the future or awarded to employees, or the company can choose to retire those shares and they will cease to have any financial value. Samsung is doing the latter.

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Galaxy Note7 and GearVR: Price, release date, specs and official press photos in HD!

The highly anticipated Galaxy Note7 Samsung (Grace code name) will be officially unveiled on August 2 next be in four days, but the most impatient of you can rest assured. Imagine that two months after revealing its design and dimensions worldwide exclusive (read:  Galaxy Note 6 and Note 7: Rendering 3D video and recent rumors dated ),  your devoted servant aka @OnLeaks just get  press photos official of the new Korean smartphone and its selling price, release date and all its technical features. It's not all because you will also be able to discover the new version of GearVR virtual reality helmet! ...

For starters, I can now confirm that the Galaxy Note7 who inherited the Galaxy S7 edge lines was assembled around a metal frame, with glass back, measuring up to 153.5mm 73.9mm wide for a thickness of 7.9 mm and 168g on the scales. It should be noted in passing that the assembly is waterproof and dustproof (IP68 certification).

From a purely technical point of view, we note that the Note7 that will come with the Android 6.0 operating system Marshmallow embellished with TouchWiz overlay EtiquEdge is equipped with a Super AMOLED screen with curved side edges measuring 5.7 inches diagonally for a resolution of 2560x1440px, a processor with eight cores clocked at 2.3GHz with 4GB RAM support, a Dual Pixel camera of 12 megapixels (f / 1.7) with optical stabilizer that can capture video format UHD, a front camera of 5 megapixels, a reversible USB type-C, an authentication system by reading fingerprint scanner coupled with Iris, is powered by a 3500mAh battery and embeds 64GB of internal storage which can be expanded using a microSD card (256GB +).

The Note7 is obviously accompanied by his famous S Pen now sealed, with 4096 pressure levels and a time of less than 50ms latency.

For its part, the new GearVR that measure 207mm wide by 122mm high and 98.5mm deep and weighs 300g vacuum (116mm against 198mm x 90mm x for the current version) is now compatible with USB Type -c and sees his vision expanded to 110 ° (96 ° against the old version). Note that the new GearVR remains compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge Galaxy, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge +.

Finally, note that the Galaxy Note7 will be marketed in France in early September (probably 02/09), around 850 € . The GearVR is meanwhile available next month.

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"Galaxy Note 7 for sale in the Netherlands from August 16 '

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available from mid-August in the Dutch stores, according to sources from Android Planet. The Galaxy Note 7 release date succeeds two weeks after the unveiling of the device.

Galaxy Note 7 release date

Upcoming Tuesday, August 2nd, found in New York City the next edition of the Samsung Unpacked. Since the Korean manufacturer will almost certainly be the Galaxy Note 7 officially unveil. The Dutch release follows two weeks later: From August 16, the device is available in the Netherlands.

galaxy note 7 release date

Earlier rumors claimed that the Galaxy Note 7 release date would take place right after the announcement. Now it appears that consumers little longer to wait until the device is available in stores. A retail price is still unknown, but sources expect so will be around 849 euros. The Note 7 would appear in two colors: black and silver. This will be expanded later with a gold and blue version.

More on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 would exhibit very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 . The device probably has a waterproof housing, which the device can be used in the shower or in the rain. The back is a 12 megapixel camera with dual pixel sensor. This sensor can also be fast to focus and shoot good pictures in low-light situations.

Samsung would also equip standard device with a slightly curved screen which expires at the edges. There is no separate Note 7 Edge variant in the making. The S Pen is restored; The stylus can also be used this time to take notes when the phone is in standby mode, thanks to the Always On display in which the Note 7 on features. With 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage and a 5.7 ​​inch screen with qHD resolution seems to have the device on the best hardware of the time.